TOP 12

TOP 1 Ultimate QQ Milktea

Ceylon milk tea with tapioca and hantian pearls.

TOP 2 Triple Q Maracuja

Passion fruit green tea with tapioca, lychee and pineapple coconut jelly.

TOP 3 Matcha Milktea

Japanese green tea made from the best ground tea leaves.

TOP 4 Apple Icetea

Refreshing iced tea with Fuji apple pieces and aloe vera.

TOP 5 Rose Q Basilseeds

Flowery and refreshing with lime juice, aiyu jelly and basil seeds.

TOP 6 Taro Milktea

Taro – tuber of a tropical plant. Nutty taste and rich in provitamin A and vitamin C.

TOP 7 Neptun Milktea

Japanese Sencha green tea steamed with fruits pickled in honey. The milk complements the tea perfectly.

TOP 8 Lychee Q Drink

Delicious, sweet and refreshing with lychee jelly.

TOP 9 Lime Grapefruit QQ

Pink grapefruit paired with lime juice. Plus aloe vera and Hantian pearls.

TOP 10 Peach Oolong Tea

Taiwan Oolong tea roasted with peach, paired with aloe vera, simply light and delicious.

TOP 11 Roasted Oolong with Cream Cheese Foam

Roasted Taiwan Oolong tea with a cream cheese crown. Slightly tastes like cheesecake with a roasted aroma.

TOP 12 Hibiscus Blacktea

Aromatic black tea with a fruity taste of hibiscus. A very refreshing tea pleasure.